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History of KKMS!

In Kerala State, one of the categories of peoples approximately three lakhs who are doing KAITHARI NAITH (weaving –Handloom) so they are calling KAIKOLAN mainly depending for their day to day life through the weaving . They are the Tamil language minorities. There are different categories in between them ie.. Kaikolan, Mudali, Kerala mudali, Sengunthar, Mudaliyar etc.. they have no certain unity and no enough educational status hence there is no-body having prestigious or dignified employment so they could not come forward so far. Mainly depending for weaving so their financial status is also very poor.

This category people are living almost all the part of South India and they are keeping their identity everywhere also. They are developing their relation through marriage. They are worshiping Goddess Mariyamma, Lord Narayana and Subramannia, Angala Parameswari, all the category of this people are doing the same custom.

They are living together for the smooth and convenience of their in-house duty of weaving and in the house, all are doing and helping together. Without this, they have no other alternate for leading their life, so they are stressing in the weaving. The return from the weaving is very less, so almost all the kids are not having good education and employment. When a person attaining his/her age, they are getting married and leading their life through this weaving. The financial/family burden is more, so the development in their life is very rare.

Approximately 500 years back this category of people came to Kerala. Mainly for cloth naith (weave). Some peoples are turn into SKIN PUPPET Play (Tholpava Kooth) (the poetry form of god's story) in temples and spreading the importance of Hindu divinity through reading KAMBA RAMAYANA in our temples. With the result, they could awarded PULAVAR. It is one of the prestigious award in between them. The main goal of Skin Puppet Play (Tholpava Kooth) is keeping/spreading or developing the divinity of God Siva, Vishnava and Goddess story in between the people.

The machine era have been started and the fallen of old age weaving method, and the other, there is no scope of handloom (Kaithari dress), the day to day life-graph of depended persons are becoming down. Any-way they are living together (small, small group) and there is no social/group thought.

From 1937 onwards trying to make union but unfortunately, getting result is nil. The main reasons for the failure of making union is the lack of education, lack of positioned employment and the backwardness of financial stage.

Even in this century, this category people could not take their privilege in well-worth what the Government has sanctioned. But the other backward categories making union and are enjoying with their privilege as per the Government rules. On 11th July, 2010, some of the important persons of this category have made a meeting at Palappuram, Ottapalam for making some decisions such as, attaining the privilege from Government as per the Government rule, and made a union as per Gazette (what is the correct name for this category of people in the Gazette) name such as Kerala Kaikola/Mudali (Handloom weaving category) under the registration number of CA272/2010 dated, 08.09.2010. Now it is running under this union

The publicity of this union has been inaugurated by Honorable Speaker of Kerala Shri. K. Radhakrishnan on 23rd January, 2011 at Palappuram, Ottappalam, Palakkad (Dist.). The main aim of this union is : mainly for the social and financial development of Tamil minority Kaikolan, Kerala Mudali, Mudali, Sengunthar and other non-developed Hindu minorities. Unfortunately, the activities of this union is not in satisfied condition due to the poor financial set-up. So far the day-do-day activities of the union is mainly on the basis of the union and its office bearers (they also in not in sound financial positon).

In this situation for fulfilling the union activities and the development of our category, it is not at all possible with this poor financial set-up. For achieving the goal of our category, no other alternative than the free-hand help of the category people those who are in and out side of India and who are in sound financial set up. For that, all are requested to extend maximum help for the set-up and development of our category.